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Spring planted items available January 2018.


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Lobelia Cardinalis - Cardinal Flower

Item Number: 89-101
Spring items available for order Jan. 2018.
Important Product Notes:
Categories: Spring Planted shipped 3-1 to 6-1 17 (Summer Catalogue) - Bulbs - Perennials - Other Than Bulbs - Naturalizes - Other Categories - Meadows - Site Specific Options
Genus: Lobelia
Cultivar: Cardinalis
Family: Campulaceae
Nickname: Cardinal Flower
Bulbs per sq. foot: 1
Soil Moisture: wet average
Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 See map
Bloomtime: Late Summer, Late Summer
Color: Red, Red
Sun: Full Sun, Part Shade, Full Sun, Part Shade
Height: 3' - 4', 25" - 30", 31" - 36", 3' - 4', 25" - 30", 31" - 36"
Pests: Pest Resistant, Pest Resistant
Moisture: Average, Wet, Average, Wet
attracts numerous pollinators the plant is one that attracts numerous pollinators
Spring Planted shipped 3-15 to 6-15
Lobelia cardinalis is bright red, pollinator attracting flowers; 24"-48"; winter hardiness zone 3-9; plug.

Native to eastern North America, this late summer bloomer prefers full sun to part shade with medium to wet soil.  Critter resistant and a pollinator attractor!

Our pollinators are so important to the sustainability of our gardens and food crops for insect and birds and if each of us participates in healthy gardening practices and chooses some of the pollinator attracting plants, we can collectively make a HUGE difference.

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