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Living Flower Arrangements With Layers of Bulbs

We all smile when we receive a beautiful arrangement of flowers. However, that smile will return many times when we realize that the flowers come from live bulbs and will last up to 2 or 3 times longer than cut flowers. Then they can often be recycled into the garden after danger of hard freeze. This lecture covers the particulars on how to create living flower arrangements and which bulb cultivars are best suited to pot culture. We will demonstrate the most innovative methods of creating the forced container, the window box liner, the layered patio planter or individually potted bulbs. This lecture should expand our gardening palette and give us more hours of garden pleasure, an additional season and flowers in additional areas. Optional 'hands-on' workshop following the lecture where participants will get the opportunity to create their own combination planting which they may take home and enjoy watching become their 'Living Flower Arrangement'.

Click here to download the workshop planning sheet.

Click here to download the care sheet.


Lovely Little Bulbs Minor Bulbs with Major Impact

Many little bulbous treasures are just dying to make your acquaintance. They are unfortunately often given the diminutive term, 'minor', when they should be called 'special bulbs'. From the very earliest month of the year all the way through the hottest, there can be a parade of these little jewels to grace your gardens, pots, window boxes, greenhouses, dining room tables, rock gardens and meadows in a myriad of marvelous ways. Let us introduce you to a broad spectrum of these lovely little bulbs.

Lovely Long-Lasting Lilies and Awesome Alliums

As spring turns to summer, a real garden treat awaits you as alliums and lilies unfold their myriad of colorful and often fragrant blossoms. We will look on overall samples of each genus and discuss best cultural practices to keep them blooming repeatedly for years. We will also include the most effective design uses for the garden and landscape.

Magical, Mystical Meadows with Bulbs

A multitude of different kinds of bulbs that both lend themselves to truly naturalizing (spreading by seed) as well as perennializing (multiplying in clumps and continuing to bloom). We will view slides and discuss informally each type of bulb and its general cultural requirements and best uses. We will talk about the best choices for a variety of sites and micro climates from sun to shade and wet to dry. We will take a holistic approach to achieving the ultimate low maintenance, free form, naturalized garden.

One Hundred Years of Daffodils and More

Back around 1900, Brent's grandfather, Charles Heath, ate a cantaloupe that caused him to discover daffodils in tidewater Virginia. Heath, a Yankee, was soon accepted by the local, southern farmers for his instrumental development of a daffodil flower industry, that would later help with cash flow during the depression. Brent's father and mother, 'Pappy George' and Katie Heath, developed a mail order business that once catalogued over 1500 cultivars of daffodils. Brent, who grew up in the business, fell in love with the flower and bought the business from his mother in 1972. He married Becky in 1979 and the rest is history.. hold on to your seats while this slide seminar tells the story!

Pest Resistant Bulbs

Come and learn about the kinds of flower bulbs that naturally resist the attacks of such critters as deer, rabbits, squirrels, voles and insects. Also learn how to help to make edible bulbs like lilies, tulips and crocus more pest resistant with an assortment of remedies, which make the bulbs or leaves taste or smell bad to foraging pests. Also learn how to create physical barriers to thwart the 'bulb monsters' and keep them at bay. Let's try some of these solutions to help us enjoy our flowers and make the world a happier, more beautiful place.

Sweet Smell of Success The Fragrant Flower Bulb Garden

Often, our earliest and best memories of ties to our past can be related to the fragrances of a grandparent's flower garden. Many wonderfully colorful and diverse types of flower bulbs have the added value of a mild to strong bouquet of smells. Through this slide seminar, you will learn to enhance your gardening efforts with a broad spectrum of fragrant flower bulbs in all seasons.

Tantalizing Tulips

Dubbed as the "parrots of the bulb world", tulips provide every color of the artist's palette except true blue. They are also the perfect spring flowers for the garden artist to mingle, blend, layer and contrast to compose that spectacular portrait of spring. Apparently as tasty as they are colorful, some critters and human gardeners find them a delectable treat. We will explore ways to thwart the critters and to enhance the dinner table of adventuress gardeners. We will share some cultural success stories that will help your tulip bulb re-bloom for years to come.

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