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In order for bulbs to thrive, they must be planted before the ground freezes. Both Brent and Becky recommend that only those planting in zones 7, 8, 9 and 10 order bulbs this late in the season.

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A Walk On the Wild Side

The Good Lord created many incredible, interesting and beautiful plants and flowers. The species (wild) bulb flowers are among the most beautiful, diverse, complex but easy to grow group of plants. From hundreds of geophyte's (bulb) genera (types) have come many thousands of spectacular hybrids and cultivars. The species themselves are spectacular in their own right and often out persist their own progeny in longevity, perennialization and for sure, naturalization. We will take a look at species bulbs through the seasons and garden situations helping you decide what, when, where and how to grow and color gardens with flower bulbs.

Autumn Finale with Fall Flowering Bulbs

We think of orange, rust, brown and other earth tones as the color of autumn with the lovely brilliance of the falling leaves. However, there are many plants that add hues of lavender, purple, blue, pink, white and bright yellow to the fall garden. Many of these plants, like the tree's leaves, will give you color year after year with little effort. And because many bloom without leaves, each blossom becomes a well-deserved, enchanting surprise. We'll guide you through the process of adding interesting, new colors to your garden that will change it from a 'waning garden' to a colorful, end of the season gala!

Bulbs as Companion Plants

Whether you are planning to plant bulbs in a fresh, newly prepared empty garden, or whether you are adding them to an already existing one, this seminar will have the answers for you! With exquisite slides illustrating the seminar, you will be introduced to the best of the best...the right bulbs for the right spots. You'll learn how to combine bulbs, perennials, annuals, ground covers and flowering shrubs that will create just the feeling you want to generate for four seasons in your garden. After seeing and experiencing this seminar, you'll leave with information and inspiration to produce a garden that you, your neighbors and friends will enjoy all year.

Bulbs for the Deep South

For some, the term 'bulb' sometimes only brings up the mental image of daffodils and tulips, which we have heard won't do well in our temperate climate. However, with proper selection and some environmental manipulation to help meet their requirements, you can have many spring flowering bulbs perennialize in our gardens after all! There are many more types of exciting bulbs including the tropical 'summer' bulbs that are right at home in our hot, humid summers and mild winters. In fact, in our milder climates, we are blessed with many opportunities to enjoy flowering bulbs in our gardens in combinations with many other plants in all or most seasons. This seminar will give you an overview of the kinds of bulbs that can be successfully enjoyed in zones 7-10.

Color Your Community With Flower Bulbs

There is nothing quite like the feelings of happiness, joy, serenity and welcome when one visits a color conscious gardening community. We will take a trip, with the aid of slides, to a number of communities here in the U. S. A. and abroad that make an effort to bloom and shine for the world to smile with them. Whether it be raised community planter boxes, median color beds, window boxes, flower festivals or just home gardeners, we will explore the ways a community can add to its color appeal through the year with the use of flower bulbs.

Flower Festivals

All over the world, people celebrate the wonders of our glorious earth by setting aside a specific day for a flower festival. Entertainment, floats, 'tail-gate' spreads, lovely community beautification plantings, arts/crafts and everything imaginable is decorated as part of the celebration. Dances are held and Queens are crowned as part of the festival activities. Travel with us, via slides, and be a participant in these festivals as we introduce you to some very special places where the residents appreciate flowers as much as we do!

Heirloom Bulbs for Restoration Gardens

Flower bulbs were among the first plants in commerce and are even mentioned several times in the Bible. Whether it's a colonial home or a grandmother's garden that you wish to restore with authentic bulbs of the time, your options include a palette full of colors, seasons, heights, shapes and sizes. This talk will cover hundreds of possibilities anywhere from 50 to over 500 hundred years old and will be highlighted with slides taken in real gardens. Many of the garden slides are from gardens like Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon and a wealth of other period gardens.

Keukenhof and Other Famous Gardens

The Most Famous Flower Bulb Showcase in Holland and Famous Gardens of England and the United States. Visit the growers of Holland and their famous garden, which is only open in the spring and is located in the town of Lisse. Over 5 million new bulbs are planted annually with over 1000 different cultivars displayed. The topography of the land would make a magnificent garden even without flowers because of the sparkling ponds and streams as well as the lovely mature trees and rhododendrons. The English climate is most conducive for lovely gardens. You'll be thrilled to walk through some of the most glorious and famous gardens in the English countryside. America has enormous diversity in its gardens and designs and there are so many from which to choose. You'll see and enjoy some of our favorites! Come with us to Holland, England and the U.S. and experience the wonders of paradise without having to pack a suitcase!

Living Flower Arrangements With Layers of Bulbs

We all smile when we receive a beautiful arrangement of flowers. However, that smile will return many times when we realize that the flowers come from live bulbs and will last up to 2 or 3 times longer than cut flowers. Then they can often be recycled into the garden after danger of hard freeze. This lecture covers the particulars on how to create living flower arrangements and which bulb cultivars are best suited to pot culture. We will demonstrate the most innovative methods of creating the forced container, the window box liner, the layered patio planter or individually potted bulbs. This lecture should expand our gardening palette and give us more hours of garden pleasure, an additional season and flowers in additional areas. Optional 'hands-on' workshop following the lecture where participants will get the opportunity to create their own combination planting which they may take home and enjoy watching become their 'Living Flower Arrangement'.

Click here to download the workshop planning sheet.

Click here to download the care sheet.


Lovely Little Bulbs Minor Bulbs with Major Impact

Many little bulbous treasures are just dying to make your acquaintance. They are unfortunately often given the diminutive term, 'minor', when they should be called 'special bulbs'. From the very earliest month of the year all the way through the hottest, there can be a parade of these little jewels to grace your gardens, pots, window boxes, greenhouses, dining room tables, rock gardens and meadows in a myriad of marvelous ways. Let us introduce you to a broad spectrum of these lovely little bulbs.

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