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Mixed Bouquet and vase

Item Number: 103-02
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Important Product Notes:
Categories: Hard Goods - Gifts - Cutflowers - Other Categories
Flowers of the Season - For Any Reason! Available March 15th - October 15th depending on what 'Mother Nature' sends us! (PLEASE LET US KNOW WHICH WEEKDAY...Tuesday - Friday... YOU WOULD PREFER THE BOUQUET TO BE DELIVERED!)

In the 70's and 80's Brent and I picked daffodils on our farm sold them by the box and shipped them overnight to those who wanted something special and different. We were only growing daffodils at the time but we were growing about 3,000 different types so the boxes were amazingly beautiful. When we made the decision to open our farm and home gardens for tours we stopped picking and selling the flowers because if we picked the flowers there weren't as many for the gardeners to see when they came for the garden tour. Now we have additional property and have added additional gardens on the farm. Since the 70's we have added to the palette many more types of plant material that gives us beautiful flowers. We've been sharing them with neighbors and friends but there are almost always many more! Someone suggested that others may enjoy having field grown flowers for their corporate gifts their office home spouse or friend. So we are offering you the opportunity to order fresh farm raised mixed bouquets from March 15th-October 15th. At this moment we can't tell you what colors will be in bloom on any given day but we would love to know your preference (pastel; hot colors; patriotic) and we will do our best. If there is a color you just can't abide we'd like to know that too. We'll give you a call if the weather doesn't cooperate. As gardeners you know we are ruled by 'Mother Nature' so keep that in mind. These will not be 'greenhouse flowers'! They will be organically grown. We will use NO pesticides or chemicals so you'll be able to put your nose right in the bouquet and enjoy the fragrance without worries! (unless you have allergies which you'll have to deal with!) We are excited to offer you the choice of a mixed bouquet with or without a vase. These will be shipped overnight by UPS (otherwise they don't guarantee delivery the very next day!) so please give us a very specific physical address and the telephone number of the person receiveing it just in case UPS needs to call for directions. So what will they be receiving? Stem thicknesses and flower heads are SO diverse in garden flowers that it's difficult to say. (i.e. Alliums versus Dutch Iris; Lilies versus Crocosmias) When the stems are bound together you will have a BIG hand full of flower stems! (AT LEAST the circumference of a baseball). We feel confident that you'll enjoy them!

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