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Sale - 25% off on fall planted bulbs going on now through Wednesday, December 2nd.


The website is now reopened, but with limited items available and with only the largest quantity offered for purchase. Please choose limited items available to see this list.

There may be additional shipping charges for orders sent to locations West of the Rocky Mountains. Please choose additional shipping charges to see if this will apply to you.

In order for bulbs to thrive, they must be planted before the ground freezes. Both Brent and Becky recommend that only those planting in zones 7, 8, 9 and 10 order bulbs this late in the season.

If you decide to place an order, be aware that your order will not be shipped until the beginning to mid-December.


Thank you for your continued support and business through this unusual time.


All hardgoods, including books, gardening tools, gloves, and gift certificates are always available for purchase.

Spring Planted bulbs, perennials and tropicals will be available to be ordered again in January 2021.



BUT keep selling Hippeastrums (40): Paper Whites (41); Indoor Holiday Cheer and Mid-Winter (42); Hardgoods (48); Books (49); Gift Certificates and Pre-cooled bulbs. Spring items available for order Jan. 2020.

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